The Monday Boredom


Mondays are always the most dreaded day of the week, filled with classes, work and no fun. Thankfully, two Radford students took it upon themselves to bring entertainment into everyone’s homes for an hour. The Monday Boredom, featuring Ryan DeShazo and Nik Abi-Najm, is Radio Free Radford’s latest and greatest radio show. These two avid skateboarders with eclectic taste in music and high energy allowed me to sit in and co-host with them for a night, and I assure you that my Monday was, in fact, NOT boring.

                DeShazo and Abi-Najm collaborated on everything from the idea, to the name, to the music they play. Both tossed around the idea of a radio show, keeping in mind that “a lot of people are bored on Mondays,” notes Nik. During the show, they are on Facebook to chat with friends, take song requests and give shout-outs to their many followers.

                The small studio is set up in a Radford University owned apartment complex on Dark Side and features music the boys collect themselves from friends and the internet. Their only rule for music? “We don’t play stuff you hear on the radio” says Ryan. And Nik adds that even better, “it’s not FCC rated so we can say, play and pretty much do whatever we want”. So far, so good, as they have had as many as 300 listeners tune into their 60 minute show from all over Virginia.

                The Monday Boredom plays every Monday from 9 to 10pm on Radio Free Radford’s website or on RFR’s app for iPhone and Android phones.  


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