Every year, Radford University is the host to Quadfest, a weekend-long party with hundreds of people and endless amounts of alcohol. Students and citizens of Radford are divided as to whether it benefits the town or not. Junior Jameson Smith participates in Quadfest and believes that “As long as everyone is legal and acts like they have some sense, it shouldn’t be taken away”.

This year, 438 charges were filed and only 76 were actually Radford students. With so many students from other schools coming for the event, it is becoming more and more difficult to gain control. JMU’s SpringFest party is similar to Quadfest and turned into a riot 2 years ago, bringing SWAT teams in to fire rubber pellets and tear gas. “I think the idea of Quadfest is good, but it’s been ruined by the past few years, especially SpringFest” says senior Blaine Morgan. This has dramatically changed the way Quadfest is looked at by law enforcement and faculty at RU. Lucy Chambers is a senior at RU and has been attending Quadfest for the past 3 years. “Some of my friends got tickets, but it was mostly people that don’t go here and just don’t know what to look out for. Most people that go here know what to look for and know how to handle themselves” said Chambers.

Norleem Pomerantz, Vice President for Student Affairs said in 2009 “At approximately this time every year, some students engage in a massive weekend party that floods into the streets around campus and draws other students and people from throughout the region. Because of the large numbers of people involved — many not even associated with the University — the Radford City Police Department, the Radford University Police Department, and law enforcement agencies from the region will have a significant presence in the City of Radford throughout this weekend. Their main purpose is to help keep people safe by enforcing the law.”

Quadfest actually began as a music festival in 1996, until the University disassociated themselves from it 10 years later due to the massive consumption of alcohol and partying that occurred.


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