During my senior year, I took Web Production, where we worked with Dreamweaver and built a site to compare 4 different websites on the topic and comparison of our choice. I chose four of my favorite clothing stores to compare/contrast their design and usability. Below you will find the link to this site. Keep in mind, we were only taught the very basics and were only in class once a week to learn so we had to work with what we were given!



CBC Presentation-Senior Year

During my senior year at Radford University, we were asked to create and pitch an idea of a way to benefit or improve the company or business of our choice. I chose my future employer at the time, the Chappaquiddick Beach Club on Martha’s Vineyard. I had just been hired to be a lifeguard for the summer and wanted to improve their website. The pitch was successful and I was even approved to pitch to my boss at CBC. Below you will find a link to the powerpoint and the proposal speech itself.


Problem & Opportunity

Good morning, my name is Rebecca Mersiowsky and I was recently hired to work at the Chappaquiddick Beach Club in Massachusetts. The beach club was originally founded as a bathing beach in 1883 and was later turned into a member owned beach club in 1962. While looking into the island and beach club, I found that the website was not very informative and did not feature up to date pictures. While it did make the beach club seem more exclusive, it made it more difficult to see what being a member or employee there would actually be like.


The main concept I would like to focus on is Chappaquiddick’s website. It needs to be updated with more technology, bright colors and pictures of the beautiful island. I’d like to create a virtual tour of the beach club itself. This would give prospective employees and members an inside look at this exclusive beach, with photos of the weekly lavish events held. As far as social media, I would like to set up two Twitter accounts. One would need to be private and exclusive to members to give them access to the latest news and events. The public account would give information on the club as well as weather conditions at the beach. These Twitter feeds would be shown as a running headline on the top of the updated website. Members will be able to type in their account number as a password to get exclusive information, message boards and a full calendar.

Competition & Competitive Advantage

While CBC is the only beach club on it’s own little island, there are eight other beach and yacht clubs in the surrounding area of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, including the East Chop Beach and Yacht Clubs (D) and the Cliffside Beach Club (F). The East Chop Beach Club’s website is right at the same technological level as CBC, so our update would definitely give us an advantage. The Cliffside Beach Club’s site is our main competition, featuring gorgeous pictures, easy accessibility and even a tour of the club. However, I would like to take the idea of a virtual tour in another direction than this one. Tour Factory creates superior virtual tours of clubs, like this one of South Carolina’s Seabrook Beach Club.


The communications team would need to be comprised of myself, the manager and a few members who lend a hand with creating and distributing the newsletter. To create the virtual tour, a camera crew would need to be hired to collect footage of the club, beach and various events. Throughout the summer, other employees could volunteer to update the Twitter account each day and respond to emails.


Chappaquiddick Beach Club is a member-owned facility and is not in dire need of an income from this website. However, if we could generate revenue from the number of visitors to the site, a separate account could be created for future website upgrades and maintenance. Should the website expand and become more popular, we would simply need to sit down with members and ask for them to ration elsewhere to further benefit the website.


During the summer of 2011, I was lucky enough to score an internship with WCVE-PBS, Community Idea Stations in Richmond, VA. They do public radio and television, and I was their social media intern. Along with the social media manager, we created and managed the Facebook and Twitter accounts, where I generated 1,500 tweets and 2,300 “likes” on Facebook. Here are some screenshots of my logs in Facebook and on my Intern Twitter account!ImageSesameStreet Fbook12