BOSS blog 10.8.13

Ah, October. For some of us, this means breaking out the boots, scarves and sweaters, standing in long lines for pumpkin spiced ANYTHING and penciling in time for apple picking and pumpkin patches. But for others, like employers, it means that the dust is finally settling on summer hires. While the autumn season seems discouraging, with the kids going back to school and everyone getting back into their routine, it actually is the beginning of a wonderful transition time.

As companies finish training their new employees, they assess how satisfied they are and if they have room to add more. Current employees assess their own personal satisfaction and debate if they want to try something new. In both situations, new openings are created in companies, making room for YOU.

Speaking of making room in companies, we just wanted to give you an update from our last blog post. Marina Shifrin had created a viral video quitting her job with Next Idea Animation, earning her interviews on the Today Show with Matt Lauer and on The Queen Latifah Show. Her creativity, boldness and ability to stand out caught the Queen’s attention. She CREATED a position for Marina, offering her a digital content producer job right there on the spot.  In other news, Next Idea Animation shot back with their own video to announce that they are, in fact, not heinous to work for and are actually hiring. Both are perfect examples of great timing and finding creative ways to stand out.

When Mother Nature greets us with a new season, we always find that people tend to be friendlier and more excitable as we wake up to dew on the grass and a crisp breeze. Talk to your neighbor while raking the leaves, strike up a conversation at the pumpkin patch or in line for your PSL at Starbucks. You never know who might know of a position or an awesome staffing firm like Black Oak Staffing who can help you find that dream job.



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