BOSS blog 10.11.13

Thanks to Columbus sailing the ocean blue, we have one last warm (-ish) long weekend ahead of us. What do you have planned? Well, if you find some down time in between running the kids to their various sports, cooking up a storm, and bringing down the winter clothes from the attic, we have a few ideas in mind.

Job hunting is certainly exhausting and can be frustrating, especially when you find that employers never get back to you to say that they simply aren’t interested. So, take a step back and let’s look at things from their angle, maybe there is a reason you aren’t hearing back? In this day and age, over 89% of job seekers use social media AND about 65% of employers use social media to gauge their prospective employees.

Keeping that in mind, we suggest spending a few hours this weekend screening your social media pages as an employer might. Are your pictures appropriate? Are you constantly posting whiny tweets with multiple curse words and typos? Are you making an effort to network and start engaging conversations? These are all things that can sway an employer one way or the other. Social media pages can show your personality that otherwise wouldn’t be shown to employers from your resume or cover letter.

• Facebook: Make sure all of your pictures are appropriate. If you are confused, think “would Grandma like this?” before posting. We also strongly encourage the highest level of privacy. You don’t really need likes from strangers, do you? Another note- if you tell your boss you have come down with the flu, but then update a status about how CRAZY Vegas is…. What does that say about you?

• Twitter: If you choose to go with a public account, then you have lost your right to use Twitter as a diary. ANYONE can see it, including the boss you mentioned as an incompetent idiot in that last tweet. Use twitter as a source, a place to keep up with your favorite celebrities, news hubs and hot, new companies.

• Instagram: Yes, the filters can make a landscape gorgeous or make you look slightly less pale. But they do not make a party photo any more appropriate or the constant PDA pics with your boyfriend any cuter.

• LinkedIn: This is the ultimate job networking site and the LAST place to gossip with friends. Keep your photo and job title current. Almost everyone has a LinkedIn account, so if you post your job description, make sure it is insanely accurate. You can’t get away with saying you “played an integral role project managing with 3 supervisors” if you actually were taking Starbucks orders.

While you’re cleaning out your social media, keep in mind that staffing firms like Black Oak Staffing often post the positions they are looking to fill. Or they post clever, adorable and super helpful blog posts (wink, wink). Use social media to your advantage and not just as an outlet to brag about the latest party or post the 879th picture of your pet (although my pet is really, really cute!!!!).

Have a wonderful long weekend, make time for family and enjoy the weather!!



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