BOSS blog 10.24.13

You found the perfect job, wrote out an awesome cover letter, updated your resume, and sent it in WITH a follow up email….but never heard back. Wonder why?? What if you found that it was something as elementary as simple grammatical and spelling errors?

Breaking news: Word doesn’t always catch every mistake and put that very helpful red or green zigzag line under it. Because they’re/their/there are still words, they may have just been used incorrectly and cost you a job or two. Some people (hand is raised) who spend a decent amount of time reading articles and typing out our own, take personal offense to typos and will immediately reject something that sticks out like a sore thumb. Job seeking is no easy task, so don’t make things harder for yourself: double, no TRIPLE check your resume and cover letter. Have a friend look it over just so we can all rest a little easier at night knowing it is flawless and doesn’t have errors like these:

  • They’re/Their/There:

-Apostrophes tend to confuse people… think of that little apostrophe as the shortening of the words. They’re=They are. There=a place. Their=possession.

-They’re going to look at your resume. Resumes are collected by their assistant. From there, they will contact you.

  • PowerPoint/Excel:

-Know the difference, but know that PowerPoint is two words, each capitalized but put together. Excel has that little c in there, sound it out! Make sure the words are both capitalized, as they are brands!

  • Verses vs. Versus:

-Musical verses

-Red Sox versus Cardinals

  • Affect/Effect:

-Use affect as a verb and effect as a noun. Affect is an influence, while effect is a result.

-A good resume affects an employer’s opinion of you. The effect that the typo free resume has on an employer is second to none.



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