BOSS blog 10.29.13

Happy Halloween week!! We love excuses to throw a party and get dressed up. What plans do you have for the spookiest day of the year? Whether it be a trip to the pumpkin patch, trick or treating through the neighborhood or attending a costume party, we hope you have something planned! Not all offices allow you to get festive for the holiday, but we have found a few easy ways to incorporate Halloween into your work life.

If you are lucky enough to work in an office that encourages costumes or is throwing a soiree, don’t wait until the last minute to plan!! Decorate your door or cubicle, plan a costume with your coworkers, and bring a fun treat to share at the party!! As far as costumes go, remember to keep things professional… avoid sensitive topics, politics, or anything too crude. Imagine losing your job over dressing up as Miley from the VMA’s.

For the more subtle celebrators: If your office is strict about holidays, try to have a little fun with treats for visitors or have a decoration here and there. If you are brave enough to dress up but don’t want to be the only one in your office in costume, dig deep and come up with a costume that could pass as a normal outfit… or steal one of our ideas. We love Betty/Don Draper from Mad Men, a secret spy, Dwight Shrute from The Office, or Sheldon/Amy from The Big Bang Theory. Check out our Pinterest board for more recipe ideas and costume inspiration (!!



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