BOSS blog 11.24.13

Happy almost Thanksgiving!! What a beautiful time of year. We love the gorgeous colors outside and the delicious smells inside. But with work, family and other distractions, we don’t always have weeks to dedicate to the food marathon that is Thanksgiving. So to make life a little easier, we have done some of the work for you. If you check out our Thanksgiving Pinterest board (, we have added fast, easy recipes to inspire you. Below, you will find Menu and Placecard images. Download and print these!! Hints: With the menu, we suggest printing and putting in a simple, inexpensive frame. Then you can write your menu on the glass with a dry erase marker. This saves you from listing the menu to your guests over and over again! Have the kids write out guests names on the place cards. Other kid activities we love: Make the placemats out of brown paper and have a bowl of crayons. Then, while the grownups are talking (or sipping Apple Cider Sangria…) they can be writing the things they are most thankful for this year.

Speaking of being thankful, here is our top 5:

We are thankful for family, friends and coworkers

We are thankful for our client companies

We are thankful for our candidates

We are thankful for all the referred business.

We are thankful for loving what we do



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