BOSS blog 12.6.13

Holiday season is well under way and our party invites just keep rolling in!! While parties are great for catching up with friends and letting loose, it can also be the PERFECT time for networking. So we have a few tips to help you make the most of the holiday party season!!

  • Attire: Keep in mind that you could meet potential coworkers or employers, so staying professional should always be a top priority!
  • Business Cards: These should be on you at ALL times. Name, social media info and best way to get in touch with you. Keep it simple and be ready to hand them out! These are great ways to make connections, because no matter how crazy the party might get, that business card will be a reminder of who they met and how great you were!
  • Socializing: We recommend keeping your eggnog consumption to a minimum. This avoids any embarrassment or you displaying yourself as anything other than the motivated job seeker that you are!! Make the rounds, try to meet at least 3 people that you can add to LinkedIn for current and future use.
  • Conversation: Prepare yourself. Anticipate questions about your current job status and plan a professional and engaging answer. Let people know you are actively seeking a new job, or are potentially looking to transition to a new position. Give your professional qualities without bragging. And remember that it is a party, everyone should have a good time, including you!!


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BOSS blog 12.5.13

Tis the season! As we hang our lights, decorate the tree and bake gingerbread cookies, some of us are also making lists (and checking it twice, of course). Wish lists are compilations of things we both want and need, some within reason and some a little bigger. But holiday season aside, we are asking that you make another wish list: a JOB WISH LIST.

Job wish lists are wonderful ways to stay on track with your career goals. Make a list of all of the things you want in an ideal job. Big, small, reasonable or crazy, just get them all down. What do you consider the perfect job situation? If you are currently working, do you want a promotion? An office relocation? Better hours? If you are job seeking, do you want a short commute? Pension? Vacation time?

Now that you have a list, prioritize it. Decide what actually benefits yourself and your family, as opposed to what could just be an added perk. Now set little goals for yourself, and one by one, cross things off of your “wish list” as you accomplish them. Then every year, do a little inventory. Goals and priorities change and should be assessed every so often. Take time to look at all you have accomplished and the little achievements you have crossed off of your list. Santa does not always bring you EVERYTHING on your list, but each gift is one you should be grateful for.

If you are having trouble getting your wish list started, or don’t know how to begin crossing things off of your wish list, why not give B.O.S.S. a call? We enjoy crossing things off of lists and  our wish list includes helping YOU!