RU to Globetrotter

For RU alumn Eric Hall, basketball is more than just a game; it’s his career and passion. It is also his future, as he begins his second season as a Harlem Globetrotter.

Before graduating in 2009, Hall earned top 5 on Radford’s all-time shot-blocking list, and led the team to the NCAA tournament in 2009. Winning the Big South Division and having the opportunity to be in the tournament was his fondest memory, “So many players go through their whole college career with hopes of going Dancing, and I was able to experience it”.

The opportunity to be a Globetrotter came through former RU Coach Greenberg, whose connections got him a tryout. “I was so excited, because not only [was] this an opportunity to continue my basketball career, but it’s also a chance to be a part of a legendary team”.

The 6’8 Radford legend joined the Globetrotters and became known as ‘Hacksaw’. He likes the nickname because “it’s just something about it that’s hard to forget and once they put the name to the face and the face to the game, how could they forget me!”

Since joining the world’s most famous basketball team, Hall has traveled to every end of the globe, embracing how “no matter if we are in China, Spain or right down the street in Roanoke, the people still have a great time and are able to get away from the worries back home and have a great time and I’m a part of that.”

Although he travels globally with his teammates, often in a different country on any given night, his days stay pretty consistent with training, games and interacting with his massive and ever-growing fanbase. “After the game is one of my favorite parts. We sign autographs and get to meet our fans one-on-one, with a goal that every kid get at least one autograph,” he says with pride.

As for what’s next, Eric Hall has the world in his palm, “what I want to be doing in the future is bettering myself as a person and a basketball player so that I can be the best for this organization and more importantly all the fans that I come in contact with around the world”. His best basketball tricks are still works in progress, or as he says “under construction… with a few tricks in my bag that are a secret”.

Published to RU Whim on March 29, 2012: