BOSS blog 12.6.13

Holiday season is well under way and our party invites just keep rolling in!! While parties are great for catching up with friends and letting loose, it can also be the PERFECT time for networking. So we have a few tips to help you make the most of the holiday party season!!

  • Attire: Keep in mind that you could meet potential coworkers or employers, so staying professional should always be a top priority!
  • Business Cards: These should be on you at ALL times. Name, social media info and best way to get in touch with you. Keep it simple and be ready to hand them out! These are great ways to make connections, because no matter how crazy the party might get, that business card will be a reminder of who they met and how great you were!
  • Socializing: We recommend keeping your eggnog consumption to a minimum. This avoids any embarrassment or you displaying yourself as anything other than the motivated job seeker that you are!! Make the rounds, try to meet at least 3 people that you can add to LinkedIn for current and future use.
  • Conversation: Prepare yourself. Anticipate questions about your current job status and plan a professional and engaging answer. Let people know you are actively seeking a new job, or are potentially looking to transition to a new position. Give your professional qualities without bragging. And remember that it is a party, everyone should have a good time, including you!!


Check out our Pinterest for more party ideas!!


BOSS blog 12.5.13

Tis the season! As we hang our lights, decorate the tree and bake gingerbread cookies, some of us are also making lists (and checking it twice, of course). Wish lists are compilations of things we both want and need, some within reason and some a little bigger. But holiday season aside, we are asking that you make another wish list: a JOB WISH LIST.

Job wish lists are wonderful ways to stay on track with your career goals. Make a list of all of the things you want in an ideal job. Big, small, reasonable or crazy, just get them all down. What do you consider the perfect job situation? If you are currently working, do you want a promotion? An office relocation? Better hours? If you are job seeking, do you want a short commute? Pension? Vacation time?

Now that you have a list, prioritize it. Decide what actually benefits yourself and your family, as opposed to what could just be an added perk. Now set little goals for yourself, and one by one, cross things off of your “wish list” as you accomplish them. Then every year, do a little inventory. Goals and priorities change and should be assessed every so often. Take time to look at all you have accomplished and the little achievements you have crossed off of your list. Santa does not always bring you EVERYTHING on your list, but each gift is one you should be grateful for.

If you are having trouble getting your wish list started, or don’t know how to begin crossing things off of your wish list, why not give B.O.S.S. a call? We enjoy crossing things off of lists and  our wish list includes helping YOU!


BOSS blog 11.24.13

Happy almost Thanksgiving!! What a beautiful time of year. We love the gorgeous colors outside and the delicious smells inside. But with work, family and other distractions, we don’t always have weeks to dedicate to the food marathon that is Thanksgiving. So to make life a little easier, we have done some of the work for you. If you check out our Thanksgiving Pinterest board (, we have added fast, easy recipes to inspire you. Below, you will find Menu and Placecard images. Download and print these!! Hints: With the menu, we suggest printing and putting in a simple, inexpensive frame. Then you can write your menu on the glass with a dry erase marker. This saves you from listing the menu to your guests over and over again! Have the kids write out guests names on the place cards. Other kid activities we love: Make the placemats out of brown paper and have a bowl of crayons. Then, while the grownups are talking (or sipping Apple Cider Sangria…) they can be writing the things they are most thankful for this year.

Speaking of being thankful, here is our top 5:

We are thankful for family, friends and coworkers

We are thankful for our client companies

We are thankful for our candidates

We are thankful for all the referred business.

We are thankful for loving what we do


BOSS blog 11.22.13


We want to take this moment to do a little public service announcement. Whether employed, underemployed, an employee or an employer, are you using LinkedIn the way you should be? LinkedIn is still the best way to network with business people, recruit and job search. So when a staffing firm, like B.O.S.S., invites you to connect and shares a new job that directly relates to you, are you connecting, or closing the door?

As a working, fully employed person on LinkedIn, you may think that you don’t need to connect with Recruiters. You are the same person who thinks that they do not need to keep an updated resume on file. To those people, we ask WHY? We’ve seen it happen, when a company just implodes and hundreds of people are let go. Or you finally realize that you would like a change of pace or new career path. We say, use a Recruiter to network for you now! You have Recruiters, asking to connect with you and willing to do the work for you for free. Today, 70% of jobs are found through networking, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. We will reach out to you when we find a job that fits your credentials and appeals to your interests. Until then, no harm, no foul. You don’t get fired for connecting with a Recruiter, just as you don’t get fired for having your resume saved on your desktop, right?

Let’s switch gears. As an employer, placing people in positions at a company, you should always have one ear open to new candidates. Recruiters are constantly receiving new candidates who are looking to find a new position but don’t have the resources or knowledge to do it. Let us help you. We have a pool of candidates and can connect with you when we have one that is a solid fit for your company. Today, 97% of Recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates and with 200 million users, we have the means to find candidates.

Instead of looking at invitations from Recruiters as invasive or panicking that coworkers will think you are quitting, connect! It doesn’t hurt to have a Recruiter know your ambitions and keep you in mind for future positions. This way, if necessary, you aren’t digging for any job, panicked and unemployed. Because let’s face it, in today’s economy, it would be foolish not to be prepared for a layoff, merger or new manager. You have a Recruiter on your side, ready to help you and reaching out to you. We are here to take that stress off of your shoulder by job searching “silently” for you.

Connect with us:

BOSS blog 11.19.13


With the holidays approaching, it’s a known fact that your inbox is about to be flooded with emails. Sales, deals and offers from stores and companies you never even knew you subscribed to. Spam somehow sneaks past your spam folder and winds up pushing that email from your boss down to the bottom where you will NEVER see it. 2,463 emails later, you are exhausted just thinking about your inbox.

Let’s all take a few minutes… say 10-15 minutes. While waiting for the doctor or sitting on the train, tackle just a few of your unwanted emails. Almost every company includes a link at the bottom of the email that says “UNSUBSCRIBE”. Click it, trust us. You can customize how many emails you receive from that store or company, whether it’s 1 per week or none at all. You don’t really need 12 emails a day from Ebay, do you? No.

Maybe a recruiter doesn’t know you took a job you love six months ago, shoot them an email. Not only do you get to brag a little, but you also won’t get emails about new jobs every week. Same with Indeed or LinkedIn or other job search tools; once you get a new job, or change your job search, you can just customize that through the link at the bottom of the email.

If you are feeling really motivated, sort the spam into sections. Maybe you want to see your favorite store’s weekly deals. Send them to a special folder so they don’t interfere with work or just create a different email account that you can send all of your spam. Next time you sign up, you can put that email in. Then it’s there if you want to read it, and if not, you can get to it when you want.

Little things like cleaning out your inbox will eliminate that much more stress from the busy holidays, which are stressful enough. How happy will you be to not have to look at the daunting red circle with a huge number in it on your phone?


BOSS blog 11.14.13

With over 1 billion iPhones being used, we know we’re not alone when we say we rely on our iPhones for most tasks. Our phone has become our calendar, our computer, our camera and our cure to boredom. We compiled a list of our top 10 favorite apps of the moment. Some are more productive than others, but we think they are all pretty essential. What apps do you rely on most??


Embark: Navigate the underground of large cities like Boston, DC and Chicago with this app. It’s synched with MBTA so it shows delays, arrival times and which lines to use.


Uber: Use this app to have a black car arrive at your doorstep in under 10 minutes. Fancier and safer than a taxi, it gives ratings and pictures of your driver, who will text you when he arrives.


OpenTable: Instead of dealing with a grumpy hostess, use this app to reserve a table at your favorite restaurants.


-Yelp: Perfect for business trips in a new city- sort restaurants by categories like Indian, outdoor dining, sports bars to find what you want and view reviews from other customers.


EverNote: Perfect for taking notes, recording audio and saving pictures. Easiest way to get thoughts and ideas out of your head and onto paper… only this paper doesn’t get lost in your stack of files.


Starbucks: Almost as great as your favorite drink. Find the closest ‘bucks, save your regular drink and pay straight from your phone. Takes a few minutes to set up but totally worth the trouble!!


LinkedIn: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. LinkedIn is the best social media tool to use for job networking. Now you can take it with you!


CardMunch: Business cards are a great networking tool, but are not so easy to keep organized and can weigh down a bag. Instead, scan them into your phone and the app automatically finds them on LinkedIn for you.


Mint: For a recent grad, this app is your intro to budgeting. It is really customizable and even allows you to link up to your bank accounts.


-SleepCycle: Believe the hype, this app has been approved by yours truly. Set your wake up time and then place your phone underneath your pillow and fall asleep. The app records your sleep patterns and wakes you up when you are at the lightest phase in your REM cycle.